Scallop Fritters$26
King Prawn Fritters$20
Satay Stick (6)(Beef or Chicken)$16.8
King Prawn Cutlets (6)$15.6
BBQ Pork w/ Honey Soy$16.5
King Prawn Cocktail$11.5
Curry Puffs (6)$9
BBQ Pork Puffs (6)$9
Ham & Chicken Rolls (6)$9
Mini Spring Rolls (6)$8.4
Ham & Prawn Rolls (6)$8
Vegetarian Mini Rolls (6)$7.8
Fried Chicken Wings (3)$7.8
Prawn Cocktail$8
Sesame Prawn Toast$7
Dim Sim (3) Steamed or Fried$4.5
Gow Gee (3) Steamed or Fried$4.5
Assorted Fried Entr?e$4.5


Seafood Soup$10
Combination Long & Short Soup$10
Combination Short Soup$8.5
Combination Long Soup$8.5
Combination Soup$8
Vegetarian Soup$7.5
Sweet Corn Crab Soup$6.5
Sweet Corn Chicken Soup$5
Short Soup (Won Ton)$5
Long Soup (Noodle)$5
Clear Chicken Soup$5


Special Fried RiceSmall $8
Large $9.8
Fried RiceSmall $6.5
Large $7.5
Boiled RiceSmall$3.5
Large $4
Curry Seafood Combination w/ Rice$25
Curry King Prawns w/ Rice$20.5
Curry Combination w/ Rice$17.5
Curry Beef w/ Rice$15.5
Curry Chicken w/ Rice$15.5
Curry Prawn w/ Rice$15.5
Up Side Down Rice$17
BBQ Pork w/ Rice$16
Beef & Tomato w/ Rice$15.5


(Egg Noodles/Rice Noodles/Thin Rice Noodles)
Black Bean Chicken or Beef$15.5
Stir Fried Beef or Chicken$15.5
Singapore Style$15.5
BBQ Pork$15.5


Classic Ginger & Shallot Sauce$16
Honey Pepper Sauce$16
With Almond or Cashew$16
Black Bean Sauce$15
Oyster Sauce$15
Szechuen Sauce (Hot Chilli)$15
Satay Sauce$15
Sweet & Sour Sauce$15
Mongolian Sauce$15
Garlic Sauce$14.5
BBQ or Hong Kong Sauce$15
Teriyaki Sauce$15
Special Sauce$15
Chow Mein (w/ Crispy Noodle)$15
Chop Suey (w/ Mixed Vegetable)$15


Black Bean Sauce$16
Oyster Sauce$16
Szechuen Sauce (Hot Chilli)$16
Satay Sauce$16
Plum Sauce$16
Peking Sauce$16
BBQ or Hong Kong Sauce$16
Sweet & Sour Sauce$16
Teriyaki Sauce$16
Special Sauce$16
Chow Mein (w/ Crispy Noodle)$16
Chop Suey (w/ Mixed Vegetable)$16
BBQ Pork Omelette$16
Ham Omelette$14


Classic Ginger & Shallot Sauce$21.5
With Almond or Cashew$21.5
With Baby Corn$20
With Pineapple$20
Black Bean Sauce$20
Oyster Sauce$20
Szechuen Sauce$20
Satay Sauce$20
Mongolian Sauce$20
Garlic Sauce$20
BBQ or Hong Kong Sauce$20
Sweet & Sour Sauce$20
Chow Mein (w/ Crispy Noodle)$20
Chop Suey (w/ Mixed Vegetable)$20
Teriyaki Sauce$20
Special Sauce$20
King Prawn Omelette$19.5


Black Bean Sauce$17.5
Satay Sauce$17.5
Sweet & Sour Sauce$17.5
Mongolian Sauce$17.5
Garlic Sauce$17.5
Teriyaki Sauce$17.5
Special Sauce$17.5
Chow Mein (w/ Crispy Noodle)$17.5
Chop Suey (w/ Mixed Vegetable)$17.5


Classic Ginger & Shallot Scallop$31
Classic Ginger & Shallot Seafood$31
Satay Seafood$26
Seafood Combination$25
Teriyaki Seafood$25
Chow Mein (w/ Crispy Noodle)$25
Chop Suey (w/ Mixed Vegetable)$23
Fish Fritter w/ Sweet Corn Sauce$18
Fish Fritter w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce$18
Classic Ginger & Shallot Calamari$18
Prawn Omelette$15
Prawn Chow Mein or Chop Suey$15


Combination Duck$25
Three Cup Duck$25
Crispy Skin BBQ Duck$23
Boneless Orange or Lemon Duck$22
Honey Pepper King Prawns$22
Salt & Pepper King Prawns$22
Honey King Prawns$20
Combination Bean Curd$18
Imperial Lamb w/ Pancake Pastry$18.5
Fried Calamari w/ Spicy Salt$17
Sang Choy Bow$17
Salt & Pepper Pork Chop$16.5
Honey Pepper Pork Chop$16.5
Crispy Beef w/ Peking Sauce$16
Mongolian Lamb$17
Black Pepper Chicken$16
Szechuen Black Bean Beef$16
Crispy Skin Chicken$15
Boneless Lemon Chicken$15
Boneless Plum Chicken$15
Crispy Honey Chicken$15
Sweet & Sour Fried Won Ton$14


Shiaki Mushroom & Green Vegetables$17.5
Vegetarian Sang Choy Bow$17
Vegetable Ma Po's Bean Curd$14.5
Curry Vegetables$14.5
Satay Vegetables$14.5
Sweet & Sour Vegetables$13.5
Stir Fried Mix Vegetables$13.5
Chinese Green Vegetable w/ Oyster Sauce$13.5
Salt & Pepper Fried Bean Curd$13.5
Vegetarian Singapore Noodle$13.5
Vegetable Omelette$13.5
Soy Sauce Egg Noodle$13.5
Vegetarian Fried RiceSmall $7.5
Large $9